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Cottage Paint Base


1-2 hours



Synthetic Flat Brush, Small Micro Fiber Roller

Cottage Paint Base


Firstly, ensure the furniture surface is clean, sealed and sound. Clean the surface with Cottage Paint Clean & Prep, rinse and allow to dry thoroughly (for more information see *Preparation). If the surface is not sealed, it is recommended that it be primed with Cottage Paint Clear Furniture Primer or BIN Primer (for more details see *Preparation). If it is sealed with a varnish or lacquer then you may proceed to apply the first coat of paint. Always apply the paint in the same direction as the wood grain. This will allow any visible brush marks to look like wood grain. Always apply two coats of paint to ensure complete coverage and a smooth application. The paint can be thinned by adding a little water if the consistency is too thick. Allow the paint to dry for 1-2 hours between coats and before distressing. It is advised to leave the surface overnight before adding other decorative finishes or a protective clear coat. Using a clear coat from the Cottage Paint line will ensure you have no issues with incompatibility.

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