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Aura Exterior

A super premium exterior paint that offers unparalleled protection and beauty even in the harshest weather conditions.


* Aura Exterior in Semi-Gloss not recommended for Front Doors.


Approximate coverage is listed by product size and is a general idea based on a one-coat application of surface square footage.


A two-coat application is always recommended for best results.

Aura Exterior


For more specific product information, see the following

Flat TDS
Light absorbing finish with no sheen. Hides imperfections. Low durability. Recommended for exterior siding.

Low Luster TDS
Subtle sheen with more lustre than a matte finish. Added durability and washability. Recommended for most exterior surfaces.

Satin TDS
Medium gloss for added durability and washability. Shows more imperfections. Recommended for exterior trim and doors.

Semi-Gloss TDS
Higher sheen for a glossy finish and highest durability. Recommended for exterior trim & doors in good condition.

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